Glassfibre Reinforce Cement (GRC) 
is the name given to products manufactured from a combination of portland cement/sand mix reinforced throughout with alkali resistant glassfibres.It is important to understand that the material is composite with reinforcing elements randomly distibuted throughout the matrix,unlike reinforced concrete where the reinforcing steel is placedprimarily in tensile stress areas.its properties are superior.It prossesses the valuable flexural and tensile strength of the glassfibre.Its higher cement content and lower permeability makes it resistant to moisture penetration,atmospheic attack or sand erosion.
GRC does not contain asbestos,has very good chemical resistant and will not rot nor can be formed in flexible mould techniques to a wide range shape and profiles.Considerably lighter than concrete,GRC offer cost saving in transportation,handling and speed of erection.The low weight to GRC panels decreases superimposed loads on the building's structural framing and foundation,providing potential savings in multi stories construction.
Various Aplication 
GRC is applicable to wide range of construction areas,such as civil,architecture and agriculture.
GRC's versatility makes it extremely valueblei n refurbishment work permitting and accurate reproduction of architectural features of practically any type.With GRC it is now possible to construct elaborate building extention which have to be in complete harmony with the original structures.In highway engineering,GRC can do all types of permanent structure that concrete can do but moreeconomical.Aplications include piers and columns,decking,parapets and earth retaining wall.
GRC pipes for surface water drainage and sewer land provide excellent resistance to erosion,chemical attack,and high resistance to water penetration
Fixing and Assembly
Easy of fxing is another important feature of GRC,GRC component can easily be made my using conventional concrete precast techniques.However,they can then be assembled by ordnary tecniques such as screwing,bolting,bonding,etc,which is not case with concrete.
Generally load-bearing frames of steel are pre-erected on site.And then ,factory produced cladding panel are fixed to the frame,with the use of conventional mastic sealer between the panels.This in the typical technique of constuction of GRC currently used.This way adequacy of strength is guaranted,and also the natural thermal and moisture movement of the material are not restrained.
Thanks to light weight,GRC panels may alsobe fixedwithout an additional steel frame.they are directly fixed by using the ordinary casting tecniques,with specially designed steel brackets to join the adjacent panel.
Mechanical and Physical Properties
Being composite of cement ,GRC has good fire,thermal,moisture,and acoustic properties.Also,chemical resistance is broadly similar to that concrete.How ever,since the standard GRC has high density and high cemment content,it generally has higher chemical resistance than concrete.
Low density GRC formulation are also used,wich give enhanced thermal and fire properties wich are particularly suitable for protection aplications.
The mechanical properties of GRC very according to the particular material being used and the working environment in dry condition there is little change,but is moist or wet conditions there is some loss of tensile and impact strength.
GRC it self does nor require significant treatment.Covered with paint,repainting is done as a part of building maintenance.


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